Orender Unlimited is a Jacksonville based consulting and advisory firm. Donna, who is a recognized business leader, trailblazer, game changer and executive utilizes her expansive experience in guiding both established and new companies in creating positive and inclusive cultures and leveraging successful growth and brand strategies across a myriad of industries.

Orender Unlimited helps companies navigate unchartered waters, forge new and innovative paths and solutions to create growth and innovation, while building teams and belief systems around success. We focus on that special ability to bring a fresh eye, a keen analysis and a unique ability to lead people in new directions, build bottom lines and deliver targeted results.

Some of her clients include:

In their words:

"Donna's vision was integral and critical to laying a solid foundation for the golf industry's "Connecting With Her" strategic initiative. She shaped the initiative's core tenets of education and training, alliance relationships, marketing communications, and events and programming. The Connecting With Her Playbook in particular is an invaluable resource for industry professionals in understanding the women's market and gender differences, and charts a course for tactical implementation."

Sandy Cross, Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion PGA of America

"As a creative who believes in a “bottom-up” process where input from every member of our creative/marketing team is critical, having Donna aboard is like having a multi-position collaborator who makes the entire process fun and exciting!"

Pierre Bagley, Producer-Director

"Donna is truly unique in her ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Her charisma and personality is matched by the strategic vision and insight that she brings to projects that she undertakes. Having worked closely with her on several important business initiatives, it is easy to see why she has had and continues to have a successful career as a leader in the sports world."

Uday Ahuja, Former CEO, FanVision