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What We Do

Leadership Initiatives and Events: Elevating the Voices of Women and Girls

Through its Generation W brand, Orender Unlimited is focused on the education, inspiration, and connection of women and girls, building a community that has become a social force and an economic juggernaut with unlimited capacity to affect change. Generation W, Generation WOW, Generation WORKS and WOWsdom! gives people and companies the opportunity to actively participate in the transformation of lives and communities.

“Donna is one of the most amazing people I have met in my career. I interviewed her during my days at iVillage and then she reached out to me a few years ago to moderate a panel at her magical Generation W conference. As those of us who have gotten to know Donna like to say, it’s a special place being in her orbit. She has created one of the most inspiring women’s conferences I have ever attend – filled with soul, passion and authenticity. Her career background speaks for itself: Fmr. president of the WNBA, former senior VP of the PGA​ Tour​, founder of Generation W women’s conference, speaker, board member and now author of “WOWSdom” – a book of letters written by prominent women, men and young adults to themselves to help inspire girls to live the their best lives.​ She is 100% focused on lifting up women and girls.”
Kelly Wallace, ​
Digital Correspondent & Editor-at-Large, CNN

Organization Development: Elevating the Effectiveness of Your Organization

The efficiency—and speed—with which your organization can meet its objectives is what turns good companies into great companies and keeps you ahead of the competition. Orender Unlimited helps you recognize the gaps that may exist between performance and potential and gives you and your teams the tools needed to simplify processes, facilitate innovation, and transform the way you work. 

“Donna’s vision was integral and critical to laying a solid foundation for the golf industry’s “Connecting With Her” strategic initiative. She shaped the initiative’s core tenets of education and training, alliance relationships, marketing communications, and events and programming. The Connecting With Her Playbook, in particular, is an invaluable resource for industry professionals in understanding the women’s market and gender differences, and charts a course for tactical implementation.”
Sandy Cross,
Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion PGA of America

Culture Shaping: Elevating Transformative Change in the Workplace

The culture you create drives your actions and is the foundation on which you attract and maintain talent, engage new markets and effectively navigate both internal and external change. Orender Unlimited collaborates with organizations to assess your current company culture and create strategies and objectives for creating a culture that ensures your business will have better performance, productivity and profits.

“As a creative who believes in a ‘bottom-up’ process where input from every member of our creative/marketing team is critical, having Donna aboard is like having a multi-position collaborator who makes the entire process fun and exciting!”
Pierre Bagley,

Leadership Development: Elevating the Potential of Great Leaders

Leadership is often the difference between success and failure. Today’s leaders must be able to adapt quickly to the ever-changing business landscape to ensure their organizations continue to evolve and thrive. Orender Unlimited helps businesses and organizations identify and align the performance goals of their leaders in an effort to maximize their ability to transform challenges into opportunities and reach their full potential.

“Donna is truly unique in her ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Her charisma and personality are matched by the strategic vision and insight that she brings to projects that she undertakes. Having worked closely with her on several important business initiatives, it is easy to see why she has had and continues to have a successful career as a leader in the sports world.”
Uday Ahuja,
Former CEO, FanVision